Carpet Protector Benefits

Benefits Of Applying Carpet Protector

The benefits of Carpet Protector are many and will be discussed in this blog. When people talk about carpet maintenance they should be reminded of the benefits of carpet protector.  Carpet protection can be applied when the carpet is new or you can have it applied after you have had a professional carpet cleaning.  Either way you are helping to extend the life and look of your carpets.  Carpet protector provides many benefits.

Prevents Stain from Spills

The basic idea of  applying carpet protector is to provide short-term water resistance. This is particularly important to protect from wine, coffee and tea spillages which make up a huge percentage of stains on customer carpets.  Protector allows customers to clean up spillages before they become problematic stains.  Carpet protector adds a protective layer to carpet fibers.  This invisible shield helps repel spills and soiling, giving you more time to mop up the spillage before it becomes a stain.

Extends The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpet protector, in addition to protecting against stains from spillages, allows you remove dry soiling far more efficiently than previously.  This is important, and extends the life of your carpet because the build up of dry soil, grit and dust cause abrasion to the carpet fibers.  This abrasion of the carpet fibers res would like to.ults in your carpet looking old and worn.  Applying a protector also stops dry soils from settling at the base of your carpets and causing a number of problems which all result in you needing to replace your carpet before you would like to.

Enhances The Look Of Your Carpet

Most carpets, especially if you have a large family and kids, face a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis.  In those scenarios it doesn’t take long for these high traffic areas to look dirty.  Apart from repelling spillages which can cause stains, carpet protectors prevent soiling from penetrating deep into the carpet pile and becoming difficult to vacuum away.  Over time this becomes a problem which can seriously diminish the shine and vibrancy of your carpet.  It will cost you money because you will need to have your carpets professionally cleaned more regularly.

Prevents Odors

All sorts of things are spilt on customer carpets.  The benefit of applying carpet protector is that it can stop these from penetrating deep into the fibers of your carpet and into the base of the carpet.  While the spillage sits on the protective fibers it gives you crucial extra minute to remove it.  Food and drink that are trodden into carpets are problematic because bacteria forms.  The bacteria grows and causes odor problems.  Applying a thin protector can stop your home smelling bad.

How Often Should I Apply Carpet Protector?

There is no correct answer to the above question.  It depends on quite a few factors such as how many people live in your house, how big is your house, do you have kids, do you have entrance matts and much more.  Most would say that you should apply carpet protector every 18-24 months.  This is because the carpet protector is worn down with continued use.  This wear and tear of the protector is better than the fibers deteriorating instead.  In summary it is cheaper to maintain and protect than to replace the carpets.

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