Carpet Cleaning Surrey

Cleaning Services Surrey provides quality carpet cleaning Surrey to customers in Surbiton, Weybridge and other towns throughout Surrey.

These services are aimed at keeping your carpets in pristine condition, and uses our skills and knowledge of carpet stain removal, as well as odour treatmemt.  

Office Carpet Cleaning Surrey

We offer these services to both the commercial sector, such as offices, as well as domestic customers in places such as Surbiton, Esher, Epsom, Weybridge, Kingston and such.

Experienced Carpet Cleaning Surrey

When it comes to carpet cleaning we have over 6 years experience to fall back on,   encountering almost all types of problem carpets.

Whether it is a wine stain,  cat sick or everyday soiling we have the knowledge, the cleaning solutions and the equipment to get the best possible results.

Rug Cleaning Surrey

Rug Cleaning is an integral part of our businesss and uses the same basic skills and procedures that we use to clean carpets. 

The procedures and products used to clean your rugs depend on the type of rug.  Rugs come in many different forms from pure wool rugs to cheaper synthetic ones.


Once the type of rug is determined we can decide upon a cleaning procedure and cleaning agent type.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

We follow these steps to ensure great results:

1. Analysis of the carpet structure (For example natural fibres such as sisal could be ruined if cleaned with a water extraction method)

2. Thorough preparation of the carpeted area (a high proportion of the dirt should be removed from any carpet through vacuuming, before water is applied.  This can account for up to 70% of dirt)

3. Treat individual stains (tea, coffee, wine, etc.) with an appropriate spotting agent

4. Pre-spray large, soiled traffic areas with cleaning solution to break down dirt.

5. Use mechanical aggitation, where necessary, to lift carpet pile and break down stubborn stains/soiling.

6. Steam clean(sometimes known as Hot Water Extraction) entire area, leaving carpets as dry as possible

7. Replace furniture, using silver foil to protect carpet from dye-bleed.

Book A Carpet Clean in Surrey Today

Trust our team to take care of your carpets.  Call us now on 0203 441 7181.

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