The Importance of End of Tenancy Cleaning For Surbiton Renters

The Importance of End of Tenancy Cleaning For Surbiton Renters

Moving out of a rented property in Surbiton, or anywhere in Surrey, brings with it a wide range of issues and worries.  One of these worries is house cleaning.  Referred to as End of Tenancy Cleaning by Letting Agents and Estate Agents this creates a massive dilemma for renters.  Should you do it yourself or pay for a local cleaning company? In this article we’ll look at this issue and outline the reasons why you should partner with a company such as Cleaning Services Surrey for a stress-free move-out clean.

Time Constraints When Moving


Moving is an extremely time-intensive process.  Often tenants check-out of one property and move into another property with very little time to spare.  More often than not this task takes far longer than anticipated.  The two days you’ve allotted to moving can often turn out to take three or four.  One of the most time consuming tasks of the process is the cleaning! Professional end of tenancy cleaners can streamline this arduous task and allow you to focus on the move itself.


Stringent Landlord Standards


Extremely high standards of cleanliness, expected by Landlords and letting agents, often surprise tenants in Surbiton. We’ve been called to many properties where the tenant has made a fantastic effort at cleaning the property but has ultimately fallen short of the standard required.  The tenants leave a property which looks clean but has not had a detailed clean.  This creates an often expensive and time-consuming problem. Cleaning Services Surrey understand the standard required and posses the expertise to meet, and often, exceed them.


Detailed House Cleaning


As mentioned, end of tenancy cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail.  Hidden areas and every corner and surface require attention.  An example of this would be the washing machine.  I’ve seen check-out reports that state a property was not professionally cleaned because the washing powder drawer was not cleaned properly.  Another common problem is ceiling light-shades, often in inaccessible stairwells or something, not being dusted properly.  Another example for a failed check-out clean is where renters have not descaled the limescale from appliances or more often than not shower heads and taps.


Enhance Your Chances of Full Deposit Recovery

As you would expect a comprehensive professional clean significantly enhances the likelihood of receiving your full deposit back. Using a company such as Cleaning Services Surrey is one way of achieving this without spending days cleaning, while you could be organising your new place.  A failed check-out can also delay the payment of your deposit.  This is a big issue these days when you consider the huge deposits held by landlords.  

Trained and Experienced Team; Specialists in all aspects of End of tenancy cleans

Our cleaning team is trained and experienced in addressing the unique challenges of end of tenancy cleaning. We grasp the intricacies of various property types and sizes while carrying out all tasks including oven clean cleans, window cleaning and carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning.  This allows you to hire one company to do it all.  No need to coordinate numerous different companies which can be a logistical nightmare.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices

Cleaning Services Surrey likes to use modern eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This is important for a variety of reasons not least ensuring a healthy environment for both you and the next occupants of the property.  Unfortunately there will be times when we need to use traditional cleaning solutions.  Please speak to us regarding this as it’s something we can discuss as it may more more time-consuming and ultimately more expensive.

A Seamless Transition with Cleaning Services Surrey

As you navigate the complexities of moving out, let Cleaning Services Surrey be your ally in achieving a smooth transition. Our end of tenancy cleaning services have been  designed over a significant period to meet the highest standards, guaranteeing a spotless property and a stress-free move.

Your deposit and peace of mind are invaluable to us. Choose Cleaning Services Surrey for professional end of tenancy cleaning and embark on your new chapter with confidence that we’ll deal with the cleaning side of things. Contact us today to schedule your end of tenancy cleaning and experience the difference of a thorough and professional approach to this demanding task!

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