Carpet Cleaning and the issue of price

One of the biggest challenges to a carpet cleaning business is to explain to customers what makes us different compared to our competitors when it comes down to price.  What makes our carpet cleaning service better than the carpet cleaning company who will clean three of your carpets for £45?  In today’s society we are constantly being bombarded with special offers.  Half price deals, two for one offers and the like.  It’s no wonder then that customers want to believe they are getting a bargain.

Different Approaches to Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be quite a demanding job.  There are hundreds of different types of floor coverings.  Often what is good for one is not good for the other.  Water alone will not remove dirt from your flooring.  Is your cleaner using high alkaline products that require an acid rinse?  If so are they actually doing this?  Failure to bring the fibres back to a neutral state will cause all manner of problems.  There is a good chance of quick re-soiling.  To put it simply it will get dirty quickly! From the above you may now appreciate what is involved in carpet cleaning.  It would be ridiculous and misleading to suggest I could clean your entire house in Surrey for the sum  of, say, £50.  Something has to be missing.  They aren’t vacuuming? They aren’t using proper chemistry?  They maybe aren’t insured.  I would assume that most of these jobs would simply be rush jobs  taking a maximum of one hour.  They’d need to be for a company to survive. So who is suffering in this situation?  Who is exposed to risk?  It’s quite simply you! The clean you expect is not the clean you received.  There will probably still be soil left in the carpet.  The clean may have left unwanted chemical in your rugs.  The fibres might have been damaged.  Your carpet might get dirty very quickly.  I am sure you get the picture. To properly clean your floor coverings, taking into account all that we’ve discussed,I cannot offer to do it all for £50. Our price structure is very affordable but based on the job.  Size, soil level, styles of flooring, chemistry, and time all come into play.  We follow proper procedures to ensure that all our customers in surrey get the clean that they deserve.  The clean that they expect.  Cleaning Services Surrey is in the business of exceeding customer expectations.  Give us a call today!

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