Cleaning Services Surrey is an established Cleaning Company  offering Carpet Cleaning in Addlestone KT15 . We also use our Experience and Expertise to clean  Upholstery and Rugs. For  Carpet Cleaning Addlestone  look no further!

We offer these Services to Letting Agents, Estate Agents, Tenants and Landlords.  We have delivered these services throughout Addlestone KT15 for over 10 Years.  We have regular customers on Addlestone Park, Garfield Road and Crockford Park Road.

Carpet Cleaning Addlestone

 Our Carpet Cleaning Service delivers Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning in Addlestone using the finest Green Cleaning products available.  We believe that these products offer our customers the highest level of cleaning while being gentle on the Environment

The use of Eco Products, along with our Deep Steam Cleaning process, gives clients the deepest of Carpet Cleans that will leave your carpet looking great and smelling fresh.

The procedure uses powerful Hot Water Extraction machines.  This process uses powerful jets of cleaning products, or simply hot water, injected deep into your carpet and removed with strong vacuums.  This ensures that your carpets are cleaned to the base of the fibres to leave your carpets looking and smelling like new.  

Carpet Stain Removal Addlestone KT15

Cleaning Services Surrey not only clean your carpets we also offer Carpet Stain Removal.  Over the years our technicians have built up a wealth of knowledge to tackle a wide variety of stains such as coffeewine, tea, vomit and much more.  

While we’ll never guarantee Stain Removal you can be sure we’ll try our utmost to rid your Carpet of Stains and Spillages. For Stain Treatment in KT15 to be a success the Cleaning Technician needs a good knowledge of carpet types, stain removal techniques and products available. We have the staff with the necessary levels of experience to get great results for you.  

Carpet Odour Treatment Addlestone KT15

In addition to the above we can also offer customers in Addlestone Carpet Odour Treatment and Sanitiser. These Services are in demand from customers who have young Families and Pets.  Accidents happen and it is reassuring for Parents to know that they have Deep Cleaned the affected Carpet.  These products and techniques can also be used on Sofas, Mattresses and Rugs.

Carpet Protector Addlestone

Carpet Protector , often called Scotchgard,   offers Customers in Addlestone KT15 a safety net for those occasional spillages such as Food, Coffee, Tea and Wine.  The process involves applying a thin layer of protection to each and every carpet fibre.  

This Protector gives you an opportunity to clean-up a spill before it has time to create a Stain on your Carpet.  This is crucial because some things are difficult and often costly to remove.  Applying Carpet Protector gives you a little bit peace of mind.  Especially if you’ve got kids!

Over time, the protective layer formed by a Scotchgard application is bound to wear down. As a result we recommend that a Scotchgard-protected surface be thoroughly cleaned and reapplied at least once a year.

For Carpet Cleaning in Addlestone call us today on 0203 441 7181or drop us an email to discuss your Carpet, Rug and Upholstery needs.  We will happily provide a quote or advise you about any problems you may have.

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